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a workshop where we make free movies with (mostly) free tools
world festival of wild cinema
june 2017 – Brussels

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The kino movement advocates the production of short-films on little-to-no budget, with small crews, and non-competitive collaboration. During the world festival of wild cinema, we claim this statement for ourselves and add “with free/libre and open source tools” !

The idea is to make movies with a maximum of free/libre and open source (FLOS) tools. We observe that, in the world of video and filmmaking at least, these tools aren’t well known, either because they are not as convienient or “pro” as their proprietary equivalents, or because they puzzle us with the way they work.

Nevertheless, the FLOS tools have one, amongst others, big advantage : the more you use them, the better they get ! Or rather, the more you use the tools, the more you give feedbacks to the developpers that can then improve the code. And you can even improve it yourself ! Eventually, it becomes easier to know your tool, to know how to use it and how to hack it. This can even give you some ideas to create new features to it, and thus new ways of using it, new ways to create, experiment and make movies.

During the festival, we offer people interested in discovering and using FLOS tools for cinema some place and time to meet other fellows that already know a bit (and sometimes a lot) about these tools. This meeting is a first step to get the foot on the ladder, to learn new skills and use them immediately to make (a) movie(s) !

Why “(mostly) free tools” ?

Nowadays, there are plenty of solutions to edit a film with FLOS softwares, to make digital copies (for the theater, or for the Internet), and there’s even an open source digital camera for cinema !

Unfortunately, nobody has yet invented an open source sound recorder, and some tools remain very rare (as for the open source camera). But, one step at a time, let’s already try to manage and master the tools at our hand. And, who knows, until the next workshop, someone might come up with a new tool.

Also, as we tried to keep to the “little-to-no budget” spirit of the kino, we do acknowledge that “free” tools are more about “free speech” than “free beer” – even though we also like the concept of free beer ! The tools we’ll propose are mostly free of charge, but we’ll also discuss the benefit of giving some money to the developers from times to times, for the benefit of everybody.

Who can join this workshop ?

Being a first in Brussels, this openKINO will most certainly encounter some technical false notes, bugs or even glitches. So it would be best if you happen to already be a bit at ease with an editing software or a camera, as well as flexible in understanding a new logic to find your way in the FLOS world. The purpose of giving the opportunity to everybody to learn cinema-making will come in a second time, after we’ve mastered the technical details !

Also, the workshop will mostly be held by french speaking people (as you may have already noticed reading this text ^^) and the training sessions will be mostly in French. We’d like to welcome non french-speaking people as well, as long as they can understand French well enough for the trainings, and are ready to participate to an event with a lot of french-speaking fellows that probably don’t master English !

practical side

what ?

A five days workshop where we learn how to use FLOS tools for cinema, and where we make movies !

when ?

During the world festival of wild cinema, from june 20th to 25th, in Brussels (see the schedule below).

who ?

The openKINO workshop is open to filmmakers, videomakers, soundmakers, camera.wo.men, editors who want to discover and experiment with FLOS tools for movie making . As this is the first edition (and first trial), it is highly recommended not to be allergic to computer stuff !

In order to help us in this discovery, four filmmakers and filmhackers will share their skills and knowledge with the other participants, in both the training and movie making moments.

how ?

Computers : the participants are invited to bring their own computers, where we’ll install FLOS softwares (some of them are crossplateform !), and, the bravest of all we’ll invite to install GNU/Linux next to their usual OS.

In the dedicated openKINO room, we’ll also have a backup server where everybody can copy their images and sounds from the shooting, and where anybody will be able to borrow some rushes to enhance his/her own movie (openRUSHES) !

Cameras : we’ll have the privilege of making images with two open source cameras : one is the very high-end technology AXIOM Beta developped by apertus°(with 4K, RAW, … anything you need !), the other one is the very low tech SuPi8 – a hack of Raspberry Pi, digital sensor and … a super 8 camera (with extra lens flare, super rolling shutter effect, … the worst of both world !)

But maybe at home you also have something that can record moving images, such as a phone, a DV camera or an old Hi8 camcorder… Don’t hesitate to bring them with, we’ll be happy to test different workflows possible between your equipement and FLOS editing softwares.

Sound: as there isn’t yet an open source sound recorder (at least not in Brussels), we’ll work with what we have to hand. If you have a recorder, one or two mikes and some cables to connect them, don’t hesitate to tell us !

how many / how much ?

In order to discover and experiment together in a studious (yet playfull) atmosphere, we think that the workshop can be done with a maxium of 12 to 15 participants.

The workshop is free (as in free beer !), like the rest of the festival ! Nevertheless, we’ll ask you to bring a USB pendrive to install GNU/Linux (8GB min.).

So, to help organise the week, the equipements and the logistics, we’ll ask you to send us a mail at openkino@festival-cinemas-sauvages.net before june 15th 2017, so we know who is coming !


nb/ if you can’t come for the whole workshop but are really really enthusiastic about it, do write us anyway, we’ll find a way !

June 20th

  • morning : preparation of the room, installation of GNU/Linux, installation of the different softwares.
  • afternoon : discussion with the rest of the festival about free culture : free or open content in creative works, how to distribute creative works, copyleft, creative commons, FLOS creative tools.

June 21st

  • morning : presentation of the different editing softwares : their history, their features and their communities.
  • afternoon : first steps with these softwares, and first trials with found footage (and maybe some movies of the festival!).

June 22nd

  • morning : presentation of the AXIOM Beta open source camera and the apertus° project.
  • afternoon : continuation of the workshop on editing softwares, with rushes from the equipement we’ll have to hand for the shootings (AXIOM Beta, SuPi8, sound recorders, and so on !)
  • 17:00 : discussion around the rules we give ourselves for the shooting !

June 23rd

  • (editing)

June 24th

  • (shooting)
  • 19:00 : projection of the results !

June 25th

  • morning : cleaning tidying up the room !
  • afternoon : we’ll go to the Marolles to see what the Cinéma Voyageur is projecting.

June 26th and after

  • We plan new openKINOs !