A few links…

Accomplices :

  • Constant (Brussels, Belgium) : active in the fields of art, media and technology, agissant dans les domaines de l’art, des médias et de la technologie, its thread is the use and support of open source software.
  • Nova (Bruxelles, Belgique) : The Nova is dedicated to unpublished films, rare and / or unusual creations and the most diverse audiovisual experiences. It’s the unavoidble place for contemporary independent cinema in Brussels.

Friends :

  • Film Labs : a network of 50 independent film laboratories in the whole wolrd.
  • Sabzian : Sabzian wishes to be thought in movement. A slow, considered pace, mid-step – one foot on the ground, the other in the air. Writing as an inward movement, as an endless encounter with images, sounds, thoughts and worlds. This website aims to be a cinephile’s guide for Belgium and its surroundings, offering a mainly Dutch language platform for writing on cinema and image culture.
  • Cinéma Voyageur : mobile cinema screenings of copyright-free films, in France and beyond.
  • L’Amorce : publishing and distribution film coop.
  • Synaps Audiovisuel (Arcueil, France) : audiovisual production, training and diffusion, supporting shring and autonomy.
  • Les Inattendus (Lyon, France) : make and show a (very) independent ans experimental cinema, including with their two-yearly festival Les Inattendus, their regular screenings, and their workshops.
  • Le Réseau d’Ailleurs : network for an alternative creation and diffusion of films. Set up every year the Rencontres d’Ailleurs in France.
  • Filmprojection21.org : an initiative conceived around the concrete commitment represented by the Charter of Cinematographic Projection in the 21st Century, uniting those who care about photochemical film projection.