April 2019:

And off course : no prize, no competition, we’re here to meet and discuss.

March 2019 :

– But why are we doing this new episode of Worldwide Cinema?
– Beh! Seeing all these movies two years ago, I was often thinking “Wow, he or she dared to do that film”, “It was done, holy cow”
– Yeah, and also “this can be a movie? yes, it can”
– Eventually, things that make you want to continue what you have to do, that’s what we need.
– Yes, if the main question is what do you eat, and how do you feel when you’re on an empty stomach
– So let’s make movies grow like weeds.
– Yeah I know, the weeds, the metaphor is overused but hey … we can say it’s like a little wild garden, this screen.
– Let’s say that it will not be a greenkey, but keys of greenery and screens of growery
– Without frame or borders you mean?
– It’s good when it’s before and after and whenever, or when everyone creates his own film, with scraps of projections, ramifications of entracts, his green connections, his alloy of sound clips, remixes discussions, swirling shoots on the canvas and beyond the frames, a dancing and growing vitality
– A festival that would be a kind of film-collage, constructed, diconscrutced and reconstructed every time we think about it!
– Do you think we should write a user guide?
– Precising that the spaces of speech will move according to the trajectory of the sun and our temperatures. That it will happen in this circular space, bent between the inside and the outside and that we will remain in a system almost heliocentric.
– Yes, a system whose center is the screen, the images are our trajectories and the synchronous and contrary constellations would be the very principle of assembly.


June 2017 :

Cinema is prolific like a weed. Purposeless and limitless, films grow when and where they want, cracking the pavement and waking the sleeping dog.

The Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages (World Festival of Wild Cinema) is an open space and an open event traversed by contradictory currents. It aims to bring together films and practices that defy notions of property, authorship or copyright. Sometimes consciously through free licence; often naively, following only their own energies.
These films are shown and reused without any constraints. Searching for their own identities, exploring their formats, getting involved in collective adventures, questioning themselves politically, they pass from hand to hand.

The Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages wants to participate in this gesture, which is a conscious position, by welcoming all types of films, whatever may be their means of production, their format, their length, their creation date.

As an event, the festival is free.

As a space, it takes the form of those who inhabit it. There will always be an opportunity to wander or to give a helping hand: kitchen, bar, concerts, filmotheque, library, info kiosk, open kino, 16mm workshop, sofas and lounge chairs…

The Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages pays no mind, it’s a tempest, it’s a feast!